Can Zoom! Whitening Be Used to Salvage Discolored Smiles?

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Can Zoom! whitening be used to salvage discolored smiles? The answer is yes, it can! Not only can Zoom! whitening improve your smile’s color, it can make it better than ever, and can potentially remove stains that were previously thought of as unremovable. Even smiles that have previously been whitened with other teeth whitening gels and products can benefit from the amazing restorations that Zoom! whitening has to offer.

Zoom! whitening is designed to penetrate deep stains and discolorations with the help of hydrogen peroxide and specialized gels that can lift out and bleach even the deepest stains. Zoom! whitening treatments can remove or bleach stains caused by age, tea, coffee, tobacco, soft drinks, wines, beets, juices, and many other substances. With Zoom! Whitening, your self-esteem can rise with the whiter smile your desire.

Zoom! whitening treatments can take as little as one hour to complete. If you wish to take home a Zoom! whitening kit to touch up problematic areas, our dentists may be able to assist you. If any future stains or discolorations should arise, remember to take advantage of Zoom! whitening and its powerful benefits.

For any additional questions or concerns about Zoom! whitening, Chamberland Dentistry is here to help you with all your oral health needs. For a complete diagnosis from Dr. Chamberland, Dr. Barnes, Dr. White, and our team at our dentist office in Shelbyville, Tennessee, you can schedule an appointment by calling us at 931-684-9167. We look forward to having you as our guest soon.

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