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Are you experiencing discomfort around a new or established dental crown? You may ultimately need to visit Chamberland Dentistry so that Drs. Chamberland, Barnes, and White can treat the tooth.

What Causes Tooth Crown Pain?
There are several things that can cause tooth crown pain, including:

– A crown that was placed without root canal treatment could be putting pressure on a traumatized nerve.
– Teeth grinding, which puts pressure on any areas of the crown that is too high.
– Previous fillings, particularly amalgam fillings, with leakages that can cause infection in the nerve of the tooth.

When Should I See My Dentists for Treatment?
Call our dentists in Shelbyville, Tennessee, if the pain persists. Discuss your symptoms, any bruxism symptoms, and anything you’ve already tried to relieve the discomfort with them.

How Will My Dentists Fix the Problem?
Drs. Chamberland, Barnes, and White will check your mouth and then may examine your bite by having you bite down on articulating paper. This will reveal any high spots in the crown. If any are discovered, they will be filed down.

If bruxism is the culprit, you can be fitted for a custom mouth guard. This can protect your teeth and jaws from teeth grinding.

If an infection is causing your discomfort, root canal treatment may be necessary. The crown would likely need to be removed so that our dentists can remove the infection.

We invite you to contact our office at 931-684-9167 today to learn more and to schedule your next visit.