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So, your child wants to be a dentist. That’s great! Being a dentist is a great career choice that will allow your child to help and serve others in the community. There’s more to being a dentist than just searching for cavities. In fact, there are many reasons why being a dentist is a great option, like:


-Dentists help people have a healthy smile, which can help them have a healthier overall body because some dental issues are linked to major health issues in the body.

-Dentists improve people’s smiles, whether it’s by fixing a cavity or chipped tooth or by enhancing the appearance of the teeth and gums.

-Dentists work in more places than just the dental clinic, like hospitals, laboratories, the military, and even in schools.

-Dentists get to use science and art every day.


If your child is serious about being a dentist, they need to remember that school is important. They can also create an education plan that can help them prepare for dental school. The plan should include four years of college that includes completing prerequisites like Biology, Physics, English, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry along with all the labs associated with them.  Your child should start working on these things as soon as possible.


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