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Are you familiar with which foods in your diet can give rise to tooth decay? To keep your smile safe, you will need to analyze all aspects of your diet and determine which foods are potentially damaging your teeth and gums. By using a dietary tooth hazard prevention plan, you can guard your smile against several risks that would otherwise damage your teeth and gums.

Several tooth hazards often arise from products in relation to your diet. If your dietary choices are putting your teeth and gums at risk, you’ll need to assess your dietary care and make relevant changes. Several products can lead to dental erosion and tooth decay, including candy, soda, sports drinks, potato chips, fruit chips, protein shakes and any other products that may be high in sugars and starches. The dangers associated with sugars and starches comes from the fact that they can be converted into acids in your mouth that can do damage to your teeth and gums.

Common dietary tooth hazards associated with snacking should be eliminated at all times. To prevent snacking at all times, make sure you eat large meals only. By opening products with your teeth, you can put your smile at risk of several forms of dental damage. Never use your teeth to open bottle caps or packaging that could easily chip and crack your teeth or even knock teeth completely out.

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