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There’s nothing quite as exciting as seeing your child on a sports field. They’re racing towards the goal, dodging opponents and working with their teammates, and making you proud to be their parent. But sports are inherently dangerous. A tackle or trip could cause them to lose a tooth if their mouth is hit the wrong way. Make sure that doesn’t happen by protecting their precious teeth with a sports mouth guard.

Your dentists, Dr. Chamberland, Dr. Barnes, and Dr. White, can help you and your children protect your teeth during sports and other physically demanding experiences. Impact from sports and martial arts can dislodge or crack teeth, and a mouth guard will protect your mouth from such injuries. There are several different types you can choose from.

Boil and bite guards are pre-formed plastic mouth guards that mold to the shape of your teeth once they’ve been heated up. You can buy them at many sports stores, but you have to be sure to follow the directions properly or the guard won’t fit well.Pre-formed mouth guards are also available, but are unlikely to fit well and can be uncomfortable.

The best guards are custom-made by your dentists or a nearby dental laboratory. These are made just for you or your child and provide the most protection and the most comfort of any of the mouth guards available.To learn more or to make an appointment to get your mouthguard, call Chamberland Dentistry in Shelbyville, Tennessee, today.