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From the time that you find out you are pregnant to the end of your term, you are no doubt concerned about taking care of your health with nutrition, exercise and prenatal checkups to protect the health of your baby. During pregnancy, you should be mindful of your oral health and the causes of pregnancy gingivitis that can occur during this time.

Gum disease can take many forms and is a widespread disease that affects about 50% of adults in the United States. Due pregnancy, you can be at an increased risk for gum disease as your body undergoes the changes it needs to accommodate a baby. Your hormonal balance is greatly disrupted during pregnancy, and these fluctuations can cause you to have a heightened level of progesterone that allows disease-causing bacteria to build in your smile and cause oral health complications.

The higher levels of progesterone and other hormonal changes cause many pregnant women to develop pregnancy gingivitis, which is a beginning of gum disease. While this condition is typically not severe in the beginning, it’s important that you see a dental professional for treatment so that you can protect your baby from the risks of gum disease, which may include premature birth or low birth weight, as well as the risks of a preterm birth that can involve digestive issues, respiratory issues and vision and hearing loss.

The good news is that pregnancy gingivitis can be prevented by caring for your oral health with a daily oral hygiene routine and receiving regular dental checkups from the dentist. We invite you to contact Chamberland Dentistry at 931-684-9167 today for an appointment with our dentist if you have further questions about pregnancy gingivitis in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Dr. Pam Chamberland and our team are committed to helping you and your baby be as healthy as can be!