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If you have any sort of problems with your teeth – from chips, cracks, and fractures – you may think the only way to fix them is with a crown or other time-intensive dental procedure.

However, that’s not the case. Our team at Chamberland Dentistry in Shelbyville, Tennessee, can help you restore your smile in just one appointment using a simple technique – dental bonding.

Dental bonding

The process Dr. Pam Chamberland uses to perform this service is called dental bonding. It’s fairly simple. Essentially, you’ll come into our office with your broken tooth. After a quick assessment, Dr. Pam Chamberland prepares a resin that’ll be used to recreate the missing part of your tooth.

After just a bit of prep work, the resin is applied to your tooth, then molded and shaped to look just like the rest of the teeth in your mouth. Once it’s hardened via UV light, the resin is sanded, polished, and colored to perfectly match the rest of your mouth.

It’s one of the least expensive and most popular options for everyone who deals with any kind of chips in their teeth, and it’s great for people on-the-go who can’t have a bad smile for longer than absolutely necessary.

If you’re ready to get that incredible smile back, call us today at 931-684-9167 to schedule your appointment. We look forward to helping you and your smile!