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We all know that there are plenty of foods and substances which are bad for our teeth, but what is rarely discussed is that there are plenty of foods that are also good for your smile! Not only can some foods wash away harmful plaque and acids, but some have substances that can re-mineralize your tooth enamel.

Your primary focus should be on healthy and natural foods if you want to maintain a healthy smile. Foods that are good for your body tend to also be good for your smile. This means avoiding snacks and sweets whenever possible and snacking on foods with a high water content to help keep your pearly whites clean. Foods with high water content tend to be effective at washing away food debris and harmful bacteria before it can collect into plaque. This includes crunchy foods such as apples and pears. 

Another great way to protect your teeth is to look for foods high in calcium and phosphorus. Both of these minerals can help remineralize your tooth enamel and keep it strong in its battle against tooth decay. Foods with these minerals include healthy meats such as chicken, a variety of cheeses and nuts, and milk. The stronger your tooth enamel is, the less likely you are to suffer from tooth decay.

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